two attractive women talking to two guysIs there someone rather special that you want to attract? Or perhaps you have been single for a while now and just can’t understand why you don’t seem to be attracting the type of guy or guys that you want to attract?

Have you noticed that for some bizarre reason when you’re in a relationship you seem to get much more attention form guys than when you’re single? And to make things worse, when you are single it seems that most guys that do show an interest in you is just not your type…what the hell’s that all about?!

Well there are very simple answers to these questions and it may just be that you’re putting out the ‘wrong vibes’ without even realising it when you’re single.

A few simple changes in your behaviour and actions can actually make an astounding difference, you just need to know the right things to say and do around men to spark attraction and get them thinking about you in that special way.

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Men are quite simple creatures really, and it often doesn’t take much to get them thinking about you in a sexual way. Below are eight effective techniques that you can use right now to quickly enchant him. However, if you’re wanting to learn the secrets of attraction so you can captivate any man to you and draw him in like a moth to a flame and have him wanting to be with you like crazy, then listen to the advice of dating expert James Bauer on exactly how you can do this.


9 Tips To Become More Attractive To Any Man


Eye triangle technique

It’s all about the eyes! The eyes can tell a lot about a person, but you can also tell HIM a lot with your eyes too.

When he’s talking to you, casually use the ‘triangle technique’. This technique is where you look from one eye to the other, then to the mouth and then back to the other eye again. You can mix it up and go from one eye to the other a few times and then slowly to the mouth, and then back to one eye and so forth. Keep it slow and don’t over-do it.

The trick is to be subtle about it but just enough so he picks up that your gaze occasionally wonders between his lips and eyes as he is talking to you.

Doing this will automatically cause him to think about kissing you whether he was thinking about doing so or not.

Spend a bit of time practicing this technique on yourself in the mirror. Remember to keep it slow and relaxed and with a soft gaze, if you come across too intense you may freak him out!

This is very powerful so use with caution.

Sleepy Eyes

When people are ready for sex, their pupils dilate, and the gaze looks softer. Unfortunately, we can’t dilate our pupils at will but you can recreate this somewhat by relaxing your eyes slightly as he is talking to you. Looking back into his eyes with ‘sleepy eyes’ can make him feel mysteriously attracted to you.

Caution: when using this technique be sure to smile subtly and listen to what he is saying or he may think he is boring you.

Lingered Gaze

Have you ever been speaking to a guy that you like and just as you finished what you were talking about he held your gaze for just a second longer than what would perhaps be normal? Perhaps you can even remember how it made you feel that warm tingly feeling inside..?

When a person does this, it can signal to the sub-conscious deep interest in the other person, which can cause feelings of attraction.

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Sticky Eyes

When in conversation with the guy you want to attract, occasionally there will be those moments in the conversation where there is a natural break in what you are talking about. You may also be disturbed by someone else momentarily interrupting you.

As and when this happens and as you naturally turn your head away from the person, allow your gaze to linger at their eyes just a second or so longer as you slowly turn your attention away. Just doing this very occasionally can deepen the feelings of connection and create that feeling that there is something special between you two. This is a great way to get him thinking romantically about you.


Show Your Yin Side

One natural difference between men and women is explained well by the ancient Chinese concept of yin-yang.

Yin and yang are the two representations and opposites of the same thing. For example, Yang represents activity, aggression, masculine and dominant characteristics. The yin represents receptivity, nurturing, subtle and soft actions and the more submissive characteristics.

Men are more naturally associated with and can be inclined towards being more forward whereas women are naturally more receptive and subtle by nature. Therefore, most men are naturally more attracted to the most feminine characteristics of softness and receptivity.

Does this mean you need to be submissive to his every whim? No of course not, but you can use these natural laws of attraction to your advantage with clever and subtle body language.

If a man is taller than you, for example, standing closer to him so you naturally need to look up to see his face can appear subtly submissive. Other techniques such as simply relaxing and opening your posture as you look at him with doe eyes, wide open and innocent, can also be very attractive to a lot of men.

The trick is to also subtly be strong with it at the same time. This means to be confident and comfortable with your femininity. This allows him to see that you own your femininity and lets him know he can’t take advantage.

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Playful Touch

When talking, now and then allow yourself to touch him casually on the hand or arm to introduce your touch to him. Casually or playfully touching a person in unobtrusive areas such as the arm, hand or shoulder can increase a sense of closeness between the two of you. Just make sure it’s natural and don’t over do it!

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Laugh at His Jokes

couple datingMen love it when other people laugh at their jokes, even if they’re not particularly funny. Laughing at his jokes will make him feel that you have a similar sense of humor, which will increase the closeness he feels to you and allow him to feel more comfortable with you.

Sometimes guys might say something stupid that was perhaps meant to be funny but it came out wrong. This can happen if he feels slightly nervous around you (a sign that he might be into you). If that happens, give him a break and laugh with him. This will allow him to feel that you are on his side and someone who is cool and easy-going. He may even think you are perhaps someone that he can also open up to later on down the line when you two get to know each other better.

Breast Stroke

This one is absolute dynamite! Next time you get the opportunity to stand in proximity to him, for example when waiting at the bar for your drinks, subtly allow one of your breasts to brush against his arm momentarily. However, when you do this, you need to act like you didn’t notice what had just happened. Doing this will get him thinking sexual thoughts about you, and if he is already into you then it can get his heart racing in an instant!

This technique can have a very powerful effect so use only once, be subtle and act like you didn’t notice what just happened between the two of you. He will be thinking sexual thoughts about you for sure, but will also not know if it was a completely innocent gesture.

Don’t Be Needy

Being needy is one of the quickest ways to lose a guys interest, especially in the early days. Fishing for compliments too often, always trying to arrange a date with him, texting or calling too often and apologizing for your behavior around him are all things that come across as needy.

Attraction is all about energy, if you are energetical, emotionally or even physically leaning towards him too much too soon, you will push him away.


There are many little tricks and traits you can incorporate to become quickly more attractive to men. One important trick is to be subtle and own your femininity.

Incorporating gestures and actions that make him feel a sense of closeness and connection while subtly getting him to think sexual thoughts about you is the key to pushing his attraction buttons. Without the sense of closeness and connection, he may otherwise just be thinking about you with regards to one thing only.

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