an attractive couple reading each others body languageHave you ever wished that you could read men’s minds? If you were a mind reader, you’d always know what guys were thinking. Thankfully, you can see what men are thinking without reading their thoughts. If you learn to read body language, you’ll be able to detect the signs of attraction.

Below are a few sure-fire ways to tell if he is attracted to you but secretly hiding his affections.

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Top Signs He Secretly Likes You From His Body Language

He Copies Your Body Language

When men are paying close attention to a woman, they may subconsciously mirror some of their behaviors. If a guy is hanging on to your every last word, he may unintentionally copy some of the things that you to.

Watch how a guy behaves when you do something. Does he touch his hair when you touch your hair? Does he take a drink at the same time you do? If a guy is mimicking your behavior, he probably has strong feelings for you.

Does He Look For Ways To Get Closer To You?

Men instinctively feel protective over women they have a romantic interest in. Because of this, guys tend to move closer and closer to any woman that they have the hots for.

When you’re hanging out with a guy, does he scoot his chair closer to yours? Does he point his feet in your direction? If a guy is constantly trying to get close to you, he’d probably love an opportunity to get even closer.

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Does He Touch His Face When He Talks To You?

In the animal world, it’s common to see creatures preening as they try to catch the attention of a potential mate. Surprisingly, men tend to do the same thing. If a man is interested in a woman, he will frequently touch his face when he interacts with her. He may tug at his earlobes, stroke his chin, or run his fingers over his own cheeks.

Men do this for two reasons. Firstly, they are trying to show off their physical features. When they touch their face, they are trying to get women to admire their features. In addition to that, men become more sensitive to touch when they are attracted to someone. When a man in the throes of attraction touches his face, it feels good, and that causes him to repeat those behaviors.

He Tries To Show Off

Not only young boys but also men tend to show off when they’re around women they like. While men become less wild as they age, they still try to show off for women.

If a guy stands up extra straight when you come close, he’s probably trying to make the best possible impression on you. He may also fiddle with the buttons on his shirt or pull up his socks.

Men desperately want to impress women that they have feelings for. If a guy is always trying to look his best around you, he probably wants you to notice him.

It’s okay if a guy doesn’t want to tell you how he feels straight away. There are lots of signs you can pick up on that lets you know he secretly likes you. Pay close attention to a man’s body language. The way a guy moves can tell you a great deal.

If you are getting strong vibes from the guy that he is attracted to you then now is the time to do a little flirting to get those sparks flying. However, when flirting with a guy, subtlety is the key. Read our article here on how you can flirt with a man without being obvious.