a man and woman arguingIf you’re currently in a relationship and have been looking for any signs of your man losing interest in you, then chances are things don’t quite seem how they should. Although there could be any number of reasons for this, he could just be having a difficult period in his life that does not actually have anything to do with you at all. On the other hand, however, you want to know if your concerns for his interest level in you are justified.

In any long-term relationship, dating is arguably one of the most exciting and enjoyable parts. Everything is new as you look forward each and every encounter with him. When he’s not around you may often find yourself day-dreaming about the two of you together, while when you’re face to face, the string of butterflies in your stomach is an all too common and thrilling experience.

Flirty texts and long talks over the phone are frequent with sexual innuendo and exciting ambiguity. As an unmistakable chemistry arises, your hopes on the possibility of a proper relationship inevitably ensue. After subsequent dating encounters, it soon becomes official that you’re a couple.

However, just as it is with any long-term relationship, you will inevitably hit some rough patches along the way. Sometimes these rough patches can be quite difficult, causing some women to believe that their man is not interested in them anymore, which may sometimes actually turn out to be the case.

When faced with this kind of situation, every woman should keep in mind the definitive signs that point towards your man losing interest in order to get clear on what might be going on in his head.

Below are some of the most common signs that suggest your fella may be losing interest.

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Top 10 Signs That Your Man May Be Losing Interest

Lack of Communication

A sudden and somewhat unexplained lack of communication is our first sign. During the infancy of any relationship, men tend to be very active communicators with their woman. They often text, email, and call in a very attentive way. This interest in constant communication with you can often be attributed to his curiosity about you as well as genuine desire to get to know you better. Thus over time, while the relationship grows, there is bound to be a reduction in communication, which is normal.

However, when you experience total black out with regards to communication, this is a sign that the man you are dating is or has already lost interest in you as well as the relationship you have with him.

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Disinterest In Spending Time With You

A man giving you his time is the ultimate show of interest in you. In an era where we all have lots of interest and a career to pursue, a man taking a few hours out of his day to spend time with you is a strong show of interest.

The amount of time you spend together may naturally vary over time as the relationship progresses. Nevertheless, when he increasingly does not make plans to see you or spend time with you, it shows that he is losing interest in you or the relationship.

an unhappy manLack of Affection

Even though the show of affection may gradually decrease as your relationship matures, ideally it should not seize altogether. Every now and again men who are interested in their women will make an effort to show how much the women in their live means to them. As such, if he does not show any affection towards you at all or when he does, he seems somewhat distant, it might point towards a loss of interest.

Becoming Vague

A man losing interest may also start to become quite vague. He may initially share his hopes and dreams with you and be clearly including you in his visions of the future in the early stages of a relationship. When it comes to talking about his day, he will also usually want to share all the interesting little details with you.

However, if he starts to be vague on what he has been up to and doesn’t seem to have much interest in sharing the little things with you, anymore, then he may be starting to lose interest.

Over-Emphasis On The Annoying Bits

A man losing interest in you will increasing point out your flaws (and everyone has flaws). Furthermore, he will hint as to how much he cannot stand your flaws. His inability (and sometimes unwillingness) to overlook the things, which you have had all along during your relationship, can point towards a possible loss of interest on his part.

Lack Of Interest In Labeling What You Have

If you have been dating for a while but for some reason, your man does not seem willing nor ready to label your what you have together as a relationship then there may be an issue with his commitment. Also, a lack of interest or willingness to discuss plans with you, even if they are simple vacation plans, then you can assume he is not really interested in you, at least not for the long term.

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Sudden Interest In Other Ladies

If you note that your man is increasingly interested in other women – say through excessive flirting or gorping when the two of you are out together – he may be somewhat losing interest in you.

man flirting with another woman

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Lack Of Effort in Relationship Matters

If he does not make an effort to make things work with you – never compromising, or becoming disinterested in your date nights – he is either a shallow pig or he is really not that bothered.

If your man does genuinely want to be with you, then he will make an effort to please you and will certainly take an interest in any issues concerning your relationship.

Subtle Or Apparent Rudeness

While some men come with an aura of frankness, if you notice your man has picked a tendency of being rude towards you, then he may be losing interest in you. Rudeness emerges from annoyance, which is intrinsically linked to a loss of interest.

Becoming Distant

Ultimately, a man losing interest in you will come across as distant, both with his feelings and with his presence. You will feel based on your history and the experience of being around him during your relationship this obvious change in his character.

Although some of these signs may be present in a relationship now and then for various reasons, that alone does not necessarily mean that he is losing interest in you.

However, if you begin to see a combination of these traits in him for a prolonged period of time or in increasing intensity, then these may be signs of your man losing interest in you.