How to Get Your Boyfriend to Propose

After having dated your boyfriend for a year or more, it is only natural to want to hear him say the words “Will you marry me?” However, most men tend to display some level of reluctance when it comes to asking for their girlfriend’s hand in marriage, and as a woman, you are likely to feel frustrated, confused and insignificant. Well, in this article I am going to ease your frustration by giving you tips on how to get your boyfriend to propose to you quickly. Many women who have been dating their partner for a good length of...

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7 Important Things You Need To Know To Get Over a Breakup Fast

Romantic breakups are a common and unavoidable occurrence in our everyday life. Breaking up with someone you love and hold dear is a very hurtful and challenging experience. The pain that comes with having to no longer see that person again is nearly unbearable, and it is normally accompanied by feelings of anger, emptiness, obsession, self-blame, worthlessness, guilt and betrayal. The void that is created after the break up often leads some of us to resort to unhealthy behaviors such as excessive consumption of alcohol, having random sex with strangers, idealizing your ex, isolating yourself, snooping your ex’s social...

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8 Reasons Why Men Pull Away After Getting Close in a Relationship

It is not uncommon to start a relationship, become close and super lovey-dovey, and when things start becoming all spicy, voila! the man suddenly pulls away. After having gone through such a confusing episode, it is not abnormal that certain questions begin to linger in your mind….“What did I do wrong? Was I not a perfect match? When this happens, nothing seems to make sense to you as a woman, and all you have with you are feelings of frustration, anger and probably, self-blame. Well, there are many reasons as to why men pull away despite your high hopes...

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