a man pulling away from his girlfriendSometimes in relationships, you can become so taken with your partner that you actually end up pushing them away. Men and women alike sometimes have flight responses when they feel overwhelmed, and a relationship getting too serious on a much faster basis than they expected or even wanted and can tap right into that urge and feel like they just need space.

Whether it’s fair or not in every situation, the psychology behind it makes sense. A lot of potentially great relationships are ruined this way. So what can you do if things are already headed down that path?

Top Tips To Fix A Clingy Relationship


To fix a relationship after being needy, the first thing you want to do is open up a direct line of communication with your partner. No relationship can ever work if the couple has a failure to talk through important issues with one another.

If you notice they’ve become distant and you get the sense that maybe you’ve been coming on too strong, don’t be afraid to bring it up in conversation in an effort to sort out the problem. Ideally, you should be able to come to some form of understanding and begin shifting towards a healthier path.


It’s also important to start giving your partner just a little bit more space. However, if they already feel as if you’ve been needy as of late, immediately getting into what’s going on might be more than they’re willing to deal with.

Whether you sense this happening or have been told directly, the best thing you can do is remain calm and merely back off a little. Consider just how much you contact them and how often you’re pushing to get together. Pairing that back some might help them feel less suffocated by the rapid progression of the relationship. (If nothing more, having you around less often might help them see what they’re missing!)

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a woman thinking about her relationshipBe Honest

If you have been needy in the relationship, the first important step is, to be honest with yourself about how you have been. From here, you also need to then be honest with your partner.

If you have recognized needy behavior in yourself and you are aware that it is causing a problem then your partner will also be aware of the issue. Therefore, trying to ignore it or sweep it under the carpet like it didn’t happen isn’t the best approach. Experts say that it can often be better to discuss it with your partner and let them know you have acknowledged the neediness and are determined to change it. Thank them for their patience up to this point, but let them know that you are changing it now.

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If you know why you have been acting this way then work on resolving those issues within yourself so you it will be far less likely that you will ever feel needy towards your partner again in the future. Let then know the reasons for your neediness and tell them what you are doing to resolve it.

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You must also be understanding about your partner’s feelings and try to see things from their perspective. These situations are most often about a fear or a complicated response to whatever else might be going on in the person’s life. Usually, with patience and time, these issues can be worked out. Along with communication and space, you have to be patient rather than reactive. Don’t make the issue seem like it’s too big of a deal. If your partner is already feeling pressured, that could easily push them even further away and lead to the end of the relationship.

With that, you should have the basis for how to fix a relationship after being needy. Having a partner that’s hesitant to keep the trajectory of the relationship moving so rapidly doesn’t have to be the end. As long as you keep your cool and are willing to work with them to find a solution, you might be able to mend and move on to being even happier in the long run. Just be sure that your feelings are given fair consideration as well! Don’t forget that successful relationships are all about compromise and finding a perfect “happy medium.” Good luck!