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a couple flirting with each other, talking and asking quesitonsAt the heart of every intimate and romantic relationship is communication. Regardless of whether you’ve just started dating, or you’ve been with your guy for some time, you will agree with me that most of your intimate and romantic conversations are often naughty or flirty.

Flirty questions were once considered a guys thing, but nowadays, women are also spicing up their relationships by using flirty questions with their man. This is a really fun and exciting part of the relationship and certainly goes a long way to stoking those flames of passion!

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If you are already intimate or have plans of becoming intimate, try and ask your guy these flirtatious questions:

Flirty Questions To Ask Him

Do you become intimidated when a girl makes the first move on you?

If you have plans of approaching him first, this question helps you know what he thinks about your most desired action towards him. It also gives you a chance to assess his confidence and comfort level to your advantage.

Would you rather have sex or cuddle all the way?

If you’re the kind that likes to know a guy more or date for some time before making out, this question will definitely help you know if you’re compatible with a guy. Regardless of what he says, his non-verbal reaction to your question will also help you to tell if he's only after one thing or if he really likes you and is considering you for a long-term relationship.

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What do you love and dislike most about dating?

Asking your boyfriend this flirty question enables you to learn what he values most and what he dislikes, and with the info he gives you, you can be able to determine if he is your right match.

What do you consider as your most outstanding feature?

This question also puts him on the spot in a fun way and helps you to determine what he thinks of himself and how confident he is. Afterall, confidence is definitely a sexy quality to have in a guy!

What is your best kind of foreplay?

Foreplay is very crucial to any intimate relationship and I’m sure this question would help you get to know what turns on your guy most.

Would you rather have the lights on or off?

If you’re the kind that likes having some crazy fun with the lights on, then asking this question would help you know if this guy matches up to your sexual desires.

What are the simplest words you could use to describe me?

If you want to know if a guy has been paying attention to what you’ve been saying, then this question would do the magic. Not many men are good at paying attention and this question will help you determine if he is good at it.

If you had to do one thing to me right now, what would it be?

Ask this question if you really want to know what a guy thinks about you. You get to know, for instance, if he thinks you’re just another girl to be played with and ditched.

Would you describe yourself more sexy or brainy?

Never forget to ask this question. You might notice that your guy will prefer to answer both. Do not be surprised if he says that he considers himself sexier than he does consider himself knowledgeable, or vice versa. I bet you know which of the two you would admire most in the guy of your dreams.

How can someone be so handsome and sexy?

If you want a guy to feel special then do not walk away without asking him this flirty question.

Did you know that I’m always smiling when with you?

If this happens whenever you’re with this particular guy, then trust me when I tell you that you shouldn’t let him go.

What physical features do you admire most in a girl?

If you want to be at par with a guy’s imagination, then this question will help you do just that.

What is your best definition of love?

This is definitely a very powerful question, and believe you me, it is very flirtatious and it will open up an ongoing and enlightening discussion.

Do you think I look sexy right now?

Consider asking this question anytime, more so when you have taken your time to dress up and look the part for a special event or date. Be warned that he might stammer as he tries to answer you though.

What color of underwear do you think I am wearing?

If you want to get a guy’s imagination roaming, pop this flirtatious question.

What are your top flirty questions to ask a guy? Let us know in the comments below.