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a woman who has married her boyfriend after he proposedAfter having dated your boyfriend for a year or more, it is only natural to want to hear him say the words “Will you marry me?” However, most men tend to display some level of reluctance when it comes to asking for their girlfriend’s hand in marriage, and as a woman, you are likely to feel frustrated, confused and insignificant.

Well, in this article I am going to ease your frustration by giving you tips on how to get your boyfriend to propose to you quickly. Many women who have been dating their partner for a good length of time can start to feel a little frustrated when the days go by and it just doesn't look like he's going to propose anytime soon. So these tips I'm going to share with you can help to give him the nudge in the right direction if that is what he is needing.

Can You Get Him To Propose In 30 Days?

This is quite a common question and of course, it totally depends on the situation, how long the two of you have known each other if he is already on the fence with regards to marriage and so forth. Therefore, it is not possible to give an answer to this that will work for every woman out there. However, the following tips can certainly get him to propose much faster if he indeed does see you as marriage material.

Exhibit wife material qualities

If you really want your boyfriend to propose sooner, you need to show him you’re worth and that you’re the ideal wife for him. In order to qualify for the title of wife material, it would be of importance to start exhibiting some behaviors that would make you exceptional. Things you can do include making your boyfriend realize that his views matter, making him delicious meals, accepting him with his flaws, showing unconditional love to him and his family, not nagging him, not been confrontational…and the list is endless.

Your boyfriend needs to see from your actions that you really are the one for him and that he cannot live without you. In other words, you need to do things that make you irresistible, charming and appealing to your boyfriend.

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If you’ve already moved in, consider moving out

Many women tend to think that if they do not live with their boyfriend, they will lose him to someone else. On the contrary, when you move in with your guy, what you are actually doing is encouraging him not to commit to marrying you since he will feel like he has you and all the benefits of a marriage already.

Letting him know that you're considering moving out will give him the time to decide what he wants from the relationship. One reason you could give him on why you’re moving out is that you have seen a good apartment and you want to move in with a friend for a while.

When you stop giving him the benefits of a marriage without him showing the commitment and responsibility, it gives him the message that he does not have you all to himself, and he might decide to engage you sooner.

Focus on doing the things that please you

I know this is likely to make you be like, “What? But how do I make him happy?” While you would want to include your boyfriend in all your plans, focusing more on yourself is likely to spur a proposal.

Your boyfriend needs to know that you have the ability to lead a fulfilling life without him. You need to show him that you still value your life by for instance concentrating more on your career, spending time with friends, keeping yourself busy at the gym e.t.c.

If you focus more on yourself, your man is likely to wake up to the fact that other men could snatch you away from him if he's not careful, and that he could lose you and everything you had together. This will naturally motivate him to want to commit to you for life, and the long-awaited proposal might then happen.

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Have a deliberate conversation

It is also important to have an open conversation with your man so he knows your expectations, but you should not make him feel pressured. This creates an opportunity for you to let him know how you feel about moving the relationship to the next level, about your life plans, and the options available in the event he is not ready to commit himself. This also gives him a chance to speak out his thoughts in as far as the relationship is concerned. You might not like what he says, but believe me, clarification might be just what you need to be able to take the next course of action.

Let him pursue you

If your man claims he loves you yet he is taking too long to pop the question, try to get him out of his comfort zone by not seeing him so regularly. In most cases, your boyfriend will likely want to see more of you and not less, so you being away will make him stop taking your presence for granted.

What I mean by this is if you have been seeing him every day, try and see him twice or thrice a week. Doing so will make him wonder what you’re up to, or what’s on your mind and if you may be losing interest in him. This might make him go down on one knee before he loses you.

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Final Thoughts

If you follow the above tips, it will be more likely that your boyfriend will propose sooner rather than later if it was on the cards for the two of you at all.

Please note that how well the above tips work will depend on how long you have known each other. If you use these tactics in a relationship that has just started, you will just be chasing him away because no man wants to be put under pressure too soon.