a couple on a dateSometimes, the two partners have a different life evolution, so their interests, desires, and passions no longer fit. When this happens, a clean break up is often the way to go, as staying in the wrong relationship would make both of you miserable.

In some situations, you may want your ex boyfriend to make up with you or at least to be sorry for putting an abrupt end to the relationship. If this is your case, you should assess your reasons very carefully, in order to understand whether you really love him and want him back in your life or if this is only the result of your ego needing some satisfaction.

In most instances, it is very painful on both parts breaking up with someone, especially if there is a lot of history between you two.

If you’re pining for your ex boyfriend and find that you do indeed want him back in your life then one of the first steps to take is to get him to have second thoughts about his decision. When you do this he can often start to feel regret around the breakup and have feelings of wanting you back. If you can do this then there may sometimes be a chance to rekindle the connection between you.

How To Make Him Regret Letting You Go

Shake Things Up

First of all, you should resist the urge to lock yourself away from the world. Instead, connect with your friends and start enjoying a bit of the single life. Get a new haircut, change your style, and get out with your buddies as often as possible can be a great start. This will not only help you to feel good, it will also give you a renewed sense of enthusiasm about the direction your life seems to be taking.

If your ex lives in the same town as you then it is likely you’ll end up frequenting the same places and bumping into him. Even if this doesn’t happen, he’s bound to your pictures on social media so he’ll have the chance to notice your new look and your daring attitude.

Resist the temptation to look back in anger or to figure out who is to blame for the things that happened between you. Just focus on the present moment, be yourself, interact with your friends, and be thankful for the beautiful moments you are spending with them.

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Use the social angle

If you’ve recently broken up, chances are your ex boyfriend is still following you on social media. Try to stick to your regular posting schedule and make sure you always look your best in all the photos you post. You can even go out with your friends that you know he also follows and post pictures together on their account so he will also see you popping up on other people’s profiles.

Allowing him to see your confidence in getting out there and having fun will start to make him wonder if you’ve forgotten him already. When this happens he may naturally start to think about if he made the right decision in breaking up with you.

Get out there and date

While you shouldn’t center all your actions on making the guy regret his decision, you can, of course, start dating again when the time feels right for you. Even if it doesn’t feel right for you to be getting into another relationship with someone just yet, it can be helpful for your confidence and self-esteem to get out there and meet other guys just for a coffee date or doing something fun together with no intentions of anything else happening.

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A simple Facebook post or two of you and your date out together having fun is bound to find its way to him. It’s not necessary to post a picture of the two of you kissing or clearly being intimate; in fact, it can be more effective if it’s unclear from the post if anything is actually going on with you and the other guy. Having this doubt there will likely make him wonder if you have moved on. If there are still feelings for you on his part then seeing you with another guy can often make him want you back in his life.

Last but not least, think about the things your ex loved the most about you. If he loved your cooking, you could prepare some appealing meals, set the table for a romantic dinner, and post some photos on your blog or on your social media pages.

If he loved a certain dress or a makeup style, make sure you wear them whenever you know there is a chance to meet your ex by accident. As the best spontaneity is the one you prepare in advance, try to anticipate such moments and get ready for them.

If all your efforts are in vain, perhaps he doesn’t deserve your love in the first place. This is some good food for thought and an invitation to dig deeper inside you, to understand your feelings and emotions.