Texting a guy you like can be really exciting, especially in the early stages of a relationship. However, you want to make sure you can ask him some intriguing questions that will get his mind wondering and looking forward to your next text!

When texting a guy you’re crushing on, you also need to consider how well you know him and what stage of the relationship you are at. In the early stages, it is generally better to be more subtle with your flirty messages and tantalise his interest. Once the two of you become more intimate, then you can get more raunchy as your connection builds.

If you start off to naughty straight away, then you may run the risk of appearing like a slut. Although many guys can initially be turned on by this, he will be less likely to respect you and could just see you as either only wanting one thing or only be of interest to him for sex. Not a good place to start if you are wanting a relationship with the guy.

There are many different types of texts you can send him, from curious questioning to romantic and sexual innuendos. If you want to increase his sexual attraction to you then sending a few flirty questions his way can be a great way to do it.

Early Stage Flirty Questions To Text A Guy You Have A Crush On

Here are some great flirty questions you can try sending to a guy you’re getting to know (in no particular order);

1. What’s your biggest turn on?

This question will help you to get a good idea of what he likes, which will help you to prime the pump for your next flirty texts and even encounters!

2. What would be your ideal date with a woman?

This question helps you to get a clearer picture what it would be like to hang out with him. Is he romantic? Does he like to have fun dates or more personal one-to-one encounters? His answers can give you a good insight into his personality.

3. What is your impression of girls that make the first move?

This one will help you to get a clear idea if he is more of an action taker or if he may be somewhat shy and likes the girl to make the first move. This question can help you to know his confidence levels and whether he likes to be in charge.

4. What turns you on?

If you’re into a guy then this question is bound to be on your mind, so why not ask him once you feel the time is right? If he is confident and also feeling comfortable with you, then he will be far more likely to reveal some naughty details to you, which you can use to your advantage to get him hot and bothered later.

5. What turns you off?

Also, another important question to know the answer to so you can avoid making any serious mistakes and pouring a cold bucket of water on those otherwise simmering flames of passion.

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6. What are your favorite body parts to be kissed?

This question can her his mind wondering about you kissing him in those special places that he loves, even if he doesn’t reveal them to you right away. If he does, then you can also add this to your seduction arsenal.

7. Do you find me sexy?

Asking a guy this question will automatically get him to start picking out all the details about you in his mind that he feels make you sexy. Getting a guy to think of you sexually and looking for all your sexy features and mannerisms will help to elevate his attraction levels to you. This question can also help you to discover how much he likes you.

8. Do you like to sleep with no clothes on?

This one lets the guy know you are thinking of him in a sexual way and possibly even visualising him naked. This is a nice ego massage for him, which will further help the attraction process along the way. He will most likely ask you the same question back, which will get his mind wondering about your naked body!

9. Are you into dirty talk?

Dirty talk between couples who are comfortable with it can really sky-rocket the passion in a relationship. Getting an idea if the guy likes and is comfortable with dirty talk can help you guys get onto this when the time is right. Not only is dirty talk very exciting and erotic, but it can also greatly enhance the connection and passion between the two of you. You can also use dirty talk when texting too.

10. What would your ideal relationship be like?

Use this one once you get a clear signal that the guy is not just looking for one thing. If he is also looking for a more long-term relationship, then just by virtue of you asking this question will let him know you are also thinking along those lines.

11. What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done with a partner?

This again is a very sexual and intriguing question but should be left for when you and he both feel more comfortable revealing naughty details to each other. If he is willing to share then not only will it be very insightful for you but it will also get the two of you imagining doing naughty things together.

12. What was the first thing about me that caught your attention?

This question again gets him thinking of all the things about you that he really likes. His answers can be quite revealing!

13. What’s your hottest, secret fantasy?

A lot of guys won’t be willing to reveal this straight away, so maybe wait until you both know each other a little better first and feel comfortable sharing the personal details.

14. Do you like sexting?

Getting an idea as to whether he is into sexting will help you know how to continue the flirting when the two of you are not together.

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15. If you were to buy me lingerie, what kind would you buy me?

This is a great question for so many reasons. First of all, it gets him imagining you in his favorite lingerie. Secondly, it lets him know that you like wearing it and you would be open to him buying you some. Thirdly, this question may also cause him to actually buy you some at some point in the future. A win, win all round we’d say!

Flirty Texts For Your Boyfriend

If you’re already in a relationship with a guy, then the chances are you know him pretty well. Making your flirty questions as personal as possible will get your man more excited and drawn to you.

Naughty vacation flirting

If the two of you are planning a weekend getaway, you may want to ask questions such as what panties he wants you to pack or what he would like to do to you on the hotel bed.

Intimate dinner flirts

If you and your special man are planning to have an intimate dinner together, asking him questions such as what he wants for an appetizer or dessert, or possibly both can be a nice sexual innuendo.

Sexy surprise flirting

Another thing to think about when considering flirty texts to send is what your man’s preferences are. Does he like surprises and gifts? If so, you can think of a flirty question that will entice him. For instance, you can ask if your guy could meet you at a certain place at a certain time for a nice surprise. And then, plan something sexy to treat your man.

Even if he doesn’t like surprises and prefers to have things planned out, you could consider asking your man if he could plan a surprise for you that would help liven things up a little.

Thoughtful timing

Also, think about your significant other’s normal day as you consider the best flirty questions to send him. Do you have a special song, an inside joke, or something you share that you could remind him of in a flirtatious way? If so, send him a fun and flirty text message to help brighten up his day during a time when he may need some brightening up.

Asking a guy flirty questions over text is a great way to keep your relationship fun and healthy. These tips should help you to send sexy and flirtatious text messages to the special guy in your life to keep things spicy. Watch your relationship grow to the next level as the two of you enjoy flirty texting time back and forth, back and forth!

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