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How She Wins Him Back - by Jane LuAt, we understand and are aware that relationships can be very complicated at times, and for this reason, breakups can often be just around the corner for some. If you are dealing with a breakup or still struggling to get over one, then worry no more because we have found a marriage and family therapist who will help you redeem your relationship quickly, as well as brainstorm with you strategies on how to move on with your life a stronger, empowered and more confident woman.

Jane Lu is a successful marriage and family therapist intern with an incredibly effective system to help bring couples back together or to empower women to find their strength and move on if that is their choice. Below, we have shared Jane Lu’s background and experience and delved into explaining her powerful techniques that have the ability to help you gain back control over your life and become the empowered woman you’ve always wanted to become.

Jane’s powerful, new video course is called, “How She Wins Him Back”, and is proving to be an effective system for women who are trying to repair failing or broken relationships. Here in this article we review Jane’s course and give you the lowdown.

How She Wins Him Back – Our Review

Jane Lu’s Background and Experience

Jane Lu Relationship Therapist

Jane Lu – Certified Family & Relationship Therapist Intern

First of all, who is Jane Lu, you may be asking? Well, Jane is a Certified Marriage and Family Therapist Intern. She has many years of experience working with individuals, couples and families with relationship challenges. For more than 6 years, she has worked with clients on a one-on-one basis and has also facilitated group sessions on various topics geared towards equipping the participants with skills and knowledge that will help them rebuild, transform and take charge of their lives.

Through her many years of experience, Jane Lu has discovered that one primary cause of broken relationships is poor communication. She has been very instrumental in helping her clients develop strong communication skills, which she considers key in improving a relationship. She has also discovered that ‘being true to yourself’ is a key ingredient for a healthy relationship, and stresses that when partners are not true to themselves, their relationship is likely to suffer.

Therefore, Jane Lu’s focus has always been on empowering her clients to be truthful to themselves and to maintain effective communication skills.

Apart from being a Certified Marriage and Family Therapist, she is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Spiritual Healer. She has worked for over 10 years as a children’s social worker and has been using her skills and expertise to provide counselling, mentorship, guidance and empowerment to her clients.

Jane’s Achievements

Through her experience, she has developed a system that has a 95% success rate for the clients she works with. As a result of her many years of experience, Jane is now ready to take her marriage and family therapy license exam.

How Can Jane Help You?

We are aware that many people would want Jane to help them, but unfortunately, it is not possible for her to have a one-on-one session with each one of you. Many of our readers are particularly seeking help for relationship breakups, and it is for this reason that we have teamed up to assist Jane to get her powerful coaching across to a wider audience, particularly our readers and subscribers.

We’ve successfully been able to help Jane put her techniques together in an easily accessible course that you can follow within the privacy of your own home, at your own pace, and without having to seek expensive paid counselling sessions. Please take note that Jane is so passionate about helping women with their relationships that she keeps the cost of the course very low. In fact, despite the powerful and transformative information inside, the course is very affordable and costs less than the price of an evening meal.

Jane’s course will help you find your path by teaching you how to truly know what you want. One of Jane’s primary goals is to empower you to become a master of your own life. She believes that when you have clarity and empowerment, then others will treat you with the respect and love that you deserve.

In her course, Jane also emphasizes the importance of loving yourself because it is when you start loving yourself that you have a clearer idea of what it is you truly want in a relationship.

a happy couple lying in the grass holding hands

What Is Actually In Jane Lu’s Course?

How She Wins Him Back - by Jane LuJane’s course is called “How She Wins Him Back” and it comprises two parts.

Part One

Part one is an eBook version, which is designed for those who would want to ascertain if Jane’s course is right for them and take a deeper look into the concepts and principles that Jane teaches.

Part Two

Part two is a full video series available in the member’s area, and it covers Jane’s powerful 4 Step Method of how to get your partner back. It is for those who are interested in a step by step process of what to do.

In the members’ area, there is also the inclusion of a 30 minutes relationship Q&A webinar session that features Avelon B. McNae, a relationship expert that you may have come across or interacted with at American Dating Society. The webinar was recorded in 2017, and it has been receiving some great feedback ever since.

Members that enrol for the full video tutorial also benefit from a powerful audio series designed to help you find peace of mind based on where you are in your relationship or breakup.

What Is The 4 Step Method?

This is a clear-cut and powerful four-step approach that Jane Lu successfully devised as a result of her many years of experience and coaching. The steps are as below:

Step 1: Situation Clarity

In this first step, Jane helps you explore and understand whether you should move on, or whether you should try to get him back. She takes you through an effective step-by-step process that enables you to get situation clarity so that you can be able to make the right choices in life. The aim of this step is to help you gain situation clarity by enabling you to separate your emotions from the situation.

Step 2: Self (Feeling) Clarity

In this step, Jane addresses the subject of how and when to tell if the time is right for you to move on, or to start the process of getting your ex-boyfriend back. This is a technique that teaches you how to effectively examine your feelings so that you can make a decision that you are fully aware of and that will ultimately be the best choice for you.

In the video, Jane helps you to see your situation more clearly and this enables you to learn how to reassess your emotions. You are then taken through the process of understanding your emotions in-depth so as to determine if your emotions have changed as a result of looking at a situation differently. This allows you to gain insight into your next move in the situation.

Besides helping you gain clarity on your situation and feelings, the video also helps you understand yourself in-depth, which tends to create awareness in other areas of your life.

Step 2 is quite powerful, and not only does it allow you to arrive at the right answer, but it also helps you gain awareness of whether the relationship is worth your effort. It also helps you know if your feelings and desire for him are real.

a couple kissing and making up after a breakup

Step 3: Testing the Water

This step is all about your ex’s feelings towards you and testing the waters. The video will help you gain a better understanding of how your ex feels about you. It will help you know if there is a possibility that the two of you could be getting back together.

Firstly, Jane helps you explore your ex’s current situation and his feelings towards you. Knowing the feelings your ex has towards you using Jane’s technique enables you to determine if it is a good idea to initiate some form of contact with your ex. Jane then helps you communicate with him so that you can acquire the information you need to be able to draw a conclusion on what you should do next.

Have you been asking yourself, your friends, or even googled questions like “Does he still love me?”, “Does he still think about me?”, “Does he miss me?”, “Can I get him back?” If so, then you will be able to gain insight into all these questions once you are done with step 3 of Jane’s course.

Step 4: Fork in the Road

This step is all about helping you move forward and helping you know what you should do next. Change needs to happen for you to be able to move forward in a happy and healthy way. In this video, Jane has highlighted a very important quote that illustrates this point: “If you change nothing, then nothing will change.”

With reference to the above quote, Jane explains that one of two outcomes will emerge from talking to your ex. To become aware of the two possibilities, you need to have followed step one, two and three in order to find out which one will be relevant to your situation. In the video, Jane has further explained what you need to do for each of the possibilities.

What Results Can I Expect?

Jane’s program is good because it gives you the flexibility of going through it in your own time. However, Jane emphasizes that it is best to take it step-by-step by watching one video per week so that you can be able to internalize the information and complete the tasks she has addressed in each module. Nonetheless, it is possible to watch all the videos in a week. In order to get the most out of the program, it would be of great importance that you review each video several times in the coming weeks.

Please note that following the course to the letter will help you change your perception and feelings, and it will also give you an in-depth understanding of your situation in just a week.

“How She Wins Him Back” is a very powerful program and it has already gotten the ‘Female Secrets Seal of Approval’. This course will help you progress from a situation of being stuck in a breakup and trying to put the pieces back together, to turning the tables and creating a loving, stable relationship with your ex, or by moving on to something new and better for yourself.

When you have successfully completed this course, you will definitely gain powerful insights into your sub-conscious patterns that messed up your relationship (and any previous form the past), and you will be able to deal with the issues that are keeping you stuck.

If you would like to know more about Jane Lu’s course or if you would like to join the course yourself then you can learn more about it here.